FBAFF 2022: Solidarity Shorts

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In the spirit of the original Pride and the Stonewall Riots, these short films seek to bring together a range of different experiences, aesthetics, genres, and issues facing LGBTQIA+ peoples as well as other marginalized, threatened, and underrepresented groups. These #SolidarityShorts offer different perspectives--wonder, awareness, kindness, knowledge, seriousness, desire, & fun--and each film runs under 3 minutes.


FBAFF '22: Digital Pride Video

From this promo to FBAFF's "Solidarity Shorts" online program, Digital Pride 2022 coalesced around the idea of creating something new for every day of June in an effort to bring together our themes of solidarity and radical imagination. 

These shorts were originally released on different social media platforms during the summer where they received thousands of views. 

You Are Not Immune

My First Time Walking in a Pride March

Pride Brunch

Pride Is Not A Weapon


Sylvia Rivera Mix

Revolution Now - Sylvia Rivera at the Christopher Street Day Liberation Rally

Download and Stream DJ L.anh's Sylvia Rivera mixes at lanh.bandcamp.com
"First Pride"

Created for our June 2022 PRIDE digital event. Downloads and steaming through BandCamp

FBAFF '22: Digital Pride: Select Visual Media

In addition to creating videos and music projects for the event, we also produced a number of visual images for different social media platforms. Here are a few.

Design for an Ocean Vuong Quote

Vuong-Quote-Abstract-Purple.with quote

Sylvia Rivera Remembers Stonewall

Rivera remembers Stonewall

New York Public Library Quote on Stonewall

StonewallReader quote on pride
"No Cops at Pride"

Schulman: Individuals Do Not Make History

Schulman ActUp history

Marcia P. Johnson: Cumlative Realities

Marcial P. Johnson Quote