FBA 2024: Coming Attractions

Feminist Border Arts Film and Media Festival and Exhibition - FBA24

Join us in exploring the intersections of gender, sexuality, and social change through film, digital media, zines, and creative expression: June 28-29 at the University Art Museum at New Mexico State Universrity, internatitonal Pride Day weekend. 

Featured Works:

  • Ryan Rox's Feature Film Debut: Dive into the world of nonbinary and LGBTQ+ storytelling with Rox's groundbreaking full-length feature debut, Hidden Flora, marking a significant milestone in Borderlands filmmaking.

  • "The Devil's Mistress" by Dr. Julia Smith: Engage with a hybrid digital storytelling and video essay that reimagines gender and feminist digital media through a mesmerizing narrative fabric, challenging conventional tropes and remaking filmic intervention.

  • LGBTQ+ Migration in Film and Media: Dr. Héctor Iglesias Pascual's role as a co-curator focusing on transnational LGBTQ+ migration and experiences in film and media, with a particular expertise in documentary filmmaking, adds a critical and insightful dimension to the festival. His expertise promises to enrich the festival's exploration of these themes, providing audiences with a deeper understanding of the complexities and nuances of LGBTQ+ migration experiences. 

Zine Fest:

  • Workshops: Participate in thought-provoking discussions and hands-on workshops.
  • Panel: "Cooking with Friends" Comic Zine: Experience a unique blend of storytelling and culinary arts, featuring diverse artists and accessible audio versions.
  • Tabling: Discover a diverse array of zines and related media. Engage directly with creators, delve into their work, and take home a piece of the festival.

In addition to these highlighted projects, FBA 2024 will also feature curated programs of both U.S. and international short films, alongside a selection of feature films, further showcasing our commitment to a broad spectrum of perspectives and narratives.

Engage, Learn, Transform: Engage, Reflect, Transform: Join us for a festival and exhibition that transcends traditional screenings and circulation of film and media. This event is an exploration into US and international independent creation, critical engagement, and community building, all through transformative media. It's a journey into storytelling, knowleldge, and expression, where every participant becomes an integral part of a collective movement towards change. 

Films provide a powerful visual medium to explore complex themes around gender, sexuality, and social change. Zines, with their grassroots and DIY ethos, offer a more personalized, accessible platform for voices often marginalized in mainstream media.

Incorporating digital humanities and media art alongside film and zines underscores a commitment to interdisciplinary exploration and the broadening of narrative forms and publics. Digital humanities bring analytical depth and innovative research methodologies, enriching the understanding of gender, sexuality, and social issues. Media art, often at the forefront of technology and creativity, pushes the boundaries of how stories are told and experienced. This combination enriches the dialogue around critical issues, fostering a creative, participatory community atmosphere.

Join us at FBA 2024. Be a part of the experience – be part of the change.