FBAFF 2024

Welcome to the Feminist Border Arts Film Festival - Media and Exhibition

“Once We Find Each Other, So Much Else Becomes Possible”

-Sara Ahmed

FBA 2024: Feminist Border Arts Film Festival (FBAFF and FBA24) is an evolving platform that transcends traditional boundaries of film and media, scholarly research, curation, and creative practice. We present an array of film and media works from the Borderlands, the broader U.S., and international contributors. Our film and media selections span genres--from thought-provoking animations and documentaries to the avant-garde of digital storytelling and video art--and approaches.

A Different Perspective: More than a platform, FBA24 is a confluence of creative practice and socially transformative discourse. We bridge geographies, identities, and experiences. Our curated programs encourage deep reflection, pushing the limits of conventional storytelling, and offering fresh perspectives on human rights, difference, and social change. 

Inclusivity and Representation: We are committed to the authentic representation and dissemination of stories and works from U.S., global, and transnational women, feminists, BIPOC, the LGBTQ+ community, and voices signaling pressing social issues and perspectives. FBA24 believes in the impact of storytelling in acknowledging, respecting, and elevating marginalized experiences. FBA24, including connected screenings, events, and showcases, circulates these narratives and provides opportunities for their dissemination. These engagements aim to foster a deeper appreciation for film and media as well as to inspire deeper and informed reflection on the broader implications of the narratives.

FBA Is a Bridge Across: Audre Lorde, in “Poetry Is Not a Luxury," reminds us that the exploration of our deepest fears can become sanctuaries for radical and daring ideas. In the spirit of her wisdom, FBA24 embraces the notion that emotions and creative expressions, much like poetry, are not luxuries but vital tools for understanding, circulating new knowledges, and crossing borders.

Borders, in our context, transcend physical demarcations on a map. They are loaded with historical, political, and social narratives, forming complex intersections of experiences and realities. Similarly, the barriers between individuals are not just physical but are deeply rooted in socio-cultural, psychological, and emotional investments. These interpersonal borders, often influenced by disparities in race, gender and gender identity, class, sexuality and sexual identity, and ideology, shape our perceptions and interactions in profound ways. The festival honors Lorde's legacy by using the medium of film and media as a transformative power, challenging the known and invisible borders that separate us.

Our Goal: At FBA24, our dedication extends to forging a creative space of critical engagement where film and media arts and artists, filmmakers, filmgoers, students, scholars, activists, and engaged publics converge. We are committed to offering transformative perspectives that not only challenge existing narratives but also chart new courses for collective action and thought.

We bridge the gap between academic research and activism, infusing both with imagination and innovation. Join us in this inquiry of storytelling, where we circulate new knowledge through media arts, reflect deeply, and dare to dream.

FBA 2024 Call For Submissions

Call for Submissions FBA24


Click to check out the call for submissions for FBA24, which will feature film, media, and a zine fest June 28 & 29, 2024, Pride Day weekend at the New Mexico State Unversity Museum.

FBA 2024 Coming Attractions

FBA 2023 Coming Attractions on Film Grain
FBA24 Coming Attractions


Click to discover the growing lineup of FBA24 by checking out our Coming Attractions, featuring groundbreaking films, digital humaniites, and zines from Borderlands, NMSU, US, global, and transnational filmmakers, scholars, artists, activists, and media makers.



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