Feminist Border Arts Film Festival: #SolidarityShorts

View this year's special digital event here, on YouTube, or at fba.nmsu.edu

In the spirit of the original Pride and the Stonewall Riots, these short films seek to connect and juxtapose a range of different experiences, aesthetics, genres, and issues facing LGBTQIA+ peoples as well as other marginalized, threatened, and underrepresented groups. These #SolidarityShorts offer different perspectives--wonder, awareness, kindness, knowledge, seriousness, desire, & fun--and each film runs under 3 minutes.


PRIDE Music Download & Streaming

Download and Stream DJ L.anh's Sylvia Rivera mixes at lanh.bandcamp.com

Join us all PRIDE month in June for PRIDE on Social @genXprof on Insta & Tok, @gensXprof on Twitter. This digital event culminates with the Feminist Border Arts Film Festival's #SolidarityShots on YouTube and here all day on June 28th.  

Digital Pride on Social by FBA

Image promoting online pride event with graphics, videos, and more by FBA for NMSU Gender & Sexuality Studies 

Join Feminist Border Arts for PRIDE on Social all June @genXprof on Insta & Tok, @gensXprof on Twitter. Free and Open to the Public. 



Feminist Border Arts is a university-based public and digital humanities-media arts collaboration that produces original and curated projects employing research-creation. FBA combines creative practices and knowledge production with queer and feminist theories, aesthetics, and strategies. FBA draws on underground and alternative feminist and queer public cultures, arts activisms, and material practices. Our goal is to produce projects that signify imagination and difference through creative approaches and transformative methods in humanities-arts research, creation, teaching, and outreach.

The FBA partnership creates and curates short films and videos, music production, visual media arts, and zines.

Signature projects over the last seven years include: curating and archiving the Feminist Border Arts Film Festival for 6+ seasons and editing and producing SJZ: Social Justice Zine for 6+ volumes, a zine collaboration with NMSU learners, alumni, community members, and beyond.

Recent pieces include short films, "Speak Near," exploring FBA's practices and rationale, and "Gender/Reads: Trans* in College," which seeks to bring attention to the experience of transgender and non-binary learners in higher education classrooms.

Our video Concentration is an aesthetic vision + ambient music piece 25 minutes in length--one pomodoro time block--for focusing/decompressing. It is part of our 2022 Digital Welcome Kit for WGSS folks and others insterested in the intersections of media making and Gender & Sexuality Studies. It's a downloadable folder featuring original wallpaper, backgrounds, task planner page, and more. 

During June 2022 will be producing our second PRIDE on SOCIAL. A digital event that features original Pride-related graphics, videos, and music by FBA. The event culminates in Feminist Border Arts Film Festival's #SolidarityShorts that streams all day on June 28th, international Pride Day, on YouTube and here at fba.nmsu.edu. 


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