"It’s a daytime disco on the ground floor of an industrial office building."

--Michael Scott, Season 5, Episode 27, The Office, "Café Disco"

Creating? Relaxing? "Concentration" is an aesthetic vision + ambient music piece 25 minutes in length--one pomodoro time block--for focusing/decompressing. As Michael Scott once said about his café disco: “If these walls could talk they would say, ‘This is a magical place. You are safe here. We have talking walls. We’re not going to eat you.’"

After completing the time block, it is suggested that you redirect your energy for 5 minutes doing care tasks, like stretching and drinking water.

Photosensitivity Note: A small percentage of people may experience a seizure when exposed to certain visual images, including flashing lights or patterns. After 14:40, this video includes blinking and changing colored lights.

Task Organizing Aid

In connection with the Concentration video, we have also created a downloadable task planner page (PDF). You can also view it here as an image. 

An image of the task planner page that is available as a PDF download

Stream & Download Concentration 

Concentration's music can be streamed and downloaded through Bandcamp.