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Zine World

Zines, short for fanzines, are self-published, non-commercial print works that are typically produced in small batches. They originated as a medium for fan communities to express their interests, but have grown to encompass a wide range of subjects, including art, politics, personal narratives, and social issues. Zines are known for their DIY ethos, allowing for varied forms of expression without the need for approval from traditional publishing or academic gateways. This aspect makes them an ideal medium for exploring and disseminating ideas related to consciousness raising, participatory media, and grassroots activism.

Zines have decades long histories in feminist and queer information activism, creative expression, and mobilizing. Zine work emphasizes participatory media principles, empowering makers to become not just consumers of information but creators of content that reflects their perspectives, concerns, and aspirations.

Since Dr. L. Anh Williams and Dr. M. C. Jonet joined NMSU in 2008, they have integrated their zine work into their research, creativity, and teaching within Gender & Sexuality Studies. They retain several copies of the group zines they created with students and community members from that era, before founding SJZ: Social Justice Zine in 2016 and continue to help oversee zine projects and workshops. 

Currently, Drs. Williams and Jonet are collaborating with the NMSU Library to establish a Feminist Border Arts Zine Collection and archive.

SJZ: Social Justice Zine


Image of SJZ 1 copies on a table


SJZ is a collaboration between undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, faculty, and friends of Gender and Sexuality Studies at NMSU, the borderlands region, and beyond.

Read SJZ by Downloading Digital Issues Here


FBA Zine Activities

Images of the zine collab with Williams, Kiser, and Myers, as well as their students, for J.P.T. S.J.S. 19 on April 10. 2024
Zine Scene at the 19th annual J. Paul Taylor Social Justice Symposium 2024


Explore the power of personal narrative with our My Voice, My Power zine-making activity. This interactive project invites you to create azine that expresses your connection to queer and feminist movements, blending personal reflection and research with creative expression to engage learning and open dialogue to inspire change.

Click here to read the My Voice, My Power zine-making activity


Zinema: Video Zines

Cat's Vertical Video Zine
A lanh video zine


Drawing inspiration from the innovative fusion of zine culture and cinema, as showcased by Zinema, Lilyellowtags, and others, in 2023 and 2024, Drs. M. Catherine Jonet and L. Anh Williams of Feminist Border Arts (FBA) started to explore this concept further for themselves. Our aim is to approach video zines or “zinema” as a digital modality and a form of creative expression, enriching FBA's commitment to merging artistic innovation with knowledge production, digital learning, and social transformation. This exploration represents a new chapter in our work, where this emerging intersection of media arts and cultural studies opens up exciting possibilities for storytelling, activism, and community engagement.

Learn more about "zinema", including the FBA projects, "Cat's Vertical Video Zine", "A lanh video zine", and video zine tutorial


"Cat's Pajamas" Collaboration


Image of Cat's Pajamas and other zines by Williams
Cat's Pajamas Zine

Images of Zines by Williams, including Cat's Pajamas

The zine, Cat's Pajamas, is a collaboration by Williams and Dr. Kara Kvaran about the cat, Lady Gaga, who Kvaran adopted after her cousin Julie was deprived of live by Intimate Partner Violence and Domestic Violence. Learn more about Julie, Lady Gaga, and their struggle for justice.

Read "Cat's Pajamas" online by clicking this link



FBA Zine Press

While recognized for conceiving innovative zine and comics projects, L. A. Williams's involvement extends far beyond the conceptual stage. Learn more about the roles she plays in bringing these projects to fruition. Click to read about the FBA Zine Art Press, where zines and book arts inform one another. 



Zine Collections & Mobile Library

Lisa Y. Mendez Donated Collection of Zines
UnoFotoArt Zine Collection

Variety of zines donated by alumna Lisa Y. Méndez (Uno Foto Mobile Zine Library)

FBA maintains a zine collection featuring a range of zine titles connected to gender and sexual identities, social justice, and other related topics. NMSU G&SS alumna and zinester, Lisa Y. Méndez donated over 40 zines to the collection in February 2022 on behalf of her Uno Foto Mobile Zine Library. Thank you, Lisa! To learn more about @unofotoart - check out her blog

Currently, our zine collection is not publicly available. We are archiving and organizing for future NSMU Main Campus use.