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Cooking with Friends


Feast Your Eyes and Minds: "Cooking With Friends" Comics Group Zine Cultivates Graphic Narrative and Food Studies

Come along on a multi-sensory journey where food meets art and storytelling in "Cooking With Friends," a group comics zine. Organized and edited by L. A. Willaims, this innovative zine intertwines graphic narrative and different approaches to food and food studies in a feast of textual flavors. We’re delighted to announce its recent premiere at the 2023 Albuquerque Zine Fest and its feature in our upcoming Feminist Border Arts 2024.

With Williams editing, creating the cover design, and layout, the zine features the contributions of eight other talented artists, each section offers a story alongside a recipe, creating a space for the reader to engage with both art and sustenance.



A Multidisciplinary Approach to Zine and Comics Production

At Feminist Border Arts, we are committed to interdisciplinary research-creation, practice-based methods, and social transformation. L. A. Williams's involvement in the creation of FBA zines and comics is comprehensive, embodying the multidisciplinary ethos that characterizes the work undertaken by Feminist Border Arts and the Gender & Sexuality Studies at NMSU.

Conception and Ideation

L. A. Williams initiates a dialogue between theoretical frameworks and visual storytelling. Her ideas originate from a place of critical inquiry, often resonating with complex social issues and interdisciplinary research questions.

Illustration and Visual Communication

Taking her ideas a step further, Williams transforms conceptual frameworks into compelling visuals. Her illustrations serve as integral components that add multiple layers of meaning to each narrative.

Editing and Refinement

As an editor, she ensures that each project adheres to a rigorous standard of quality, fine-tuning both visual elements and written content to create a coherent, meaningful piece.

Assembly and Curation

Williams also takes on the task of assembling the various elements of each zine or comic. Through meticulous curation, she arranges text and imagery in a manner that maximizes their impact and coherence.

Printing and Materialization

In some instances, Williams even oversees the printing process, aligning the material aspects of each project with its intellectual and artistic goals.

Organization and Coordination

By wearing multiple hats—from conceiver and illustrator to editor and printer—Williams demonstrates the kind of comprehensive, practice-based approach that Feminist Border Arts advocates. Her work embodies FBA’s commitment to research-based, innovative methods and contributes significantly to the mission of social transformation championed by both Feminist Border Arts and the Gender & Sexuality Studies.