Check out the videos below for a selection of video work. Find more on our YouTube channel. 

Meet Dr. J: Theory of Transformation (Digital Storytelling)

FBAFF 2023 Promo

Fall 2023 NMSU GNDR Courses 

Spring 2023 NMSU GNDR Courses

Halloween 2022 Angela Carter Adaptation 

At midnight, especially on Walpurgisnacht, the Devil holds picnics in the graveyards and invites the witches; then they dig up fresh corpses, and eat them. Anyone will tell you that." -Angela Carter "The Werewolf" is a one minute adaptation of Angela Carter's short story from The Bloody Chamber.

Advert for Fall 2022 NMSU GNDR Courses

Ambient Music and Aesthetic Visuals

"Concentration" is one 25 minute (pomodoro) time block for studying, relaxing, making, and chillingout.

Speak Near

 Artist statement. Research philosophy. Curatorial rationale. “Speak Near” illustrates how Feminist Border Arts interrogates and traverses gaps between scholar, artist, public culture, and self. 

Social Media Video for Women's History Month 2020

"Rewind the Future" Promo Video for Fall 2020 G&SS Courses and to Celebrate 30th Anniversary of Program

Retrospective in Feminisms: Feminist Border Arts Film Festival (Promo for 516 Arts and The Guild Cinema 2020)

Pandemic Pop Up: Virtual Film Fest & Culture Work Exhibit (May 2020)