Festival Mission

The mission of the Feminist Border Arts Film Festival is to curate, create, and circulate underrepresented perspectives in media arts, film, and video, bridging scholarship and creative arts. Our goal is to foster critical engagement and social awareness by specializing in narratives from women, LGBTQIA+, and creators committed to social change. Through showcasing US, transnational, and global stories that challenge and expand conventional representation, we offer alternative ways of imagining and methods of knowledge creation, embodying the practice of feminist border arts.

We are dedicated to promoting the intersection of humanities and arts, utilizing both analog and digital media as tools for inquiry, expression, and transformation. Our festival serves as a platform for public scholarship. We are committed to inspiring, educating, and empowering by curating and creating impactful media content. Our work brings together community members, students, creators, and scholars through film and media, fostering a space of critical and creative engagement that can stir hearts, open minds, and unlock possibilities for social change.