FBAFF Mission

Curating and circulating underrepresented perspectives in digital film and video, the Feminist Border Arts Film Festival bridges academia and the creative arts, promoting a culture of critical engagement, societal awareness, and transformation.

The mission of the Feminist Border Arts Film Festival, a university-based initiative, is to function as a unique platform bridging academia and the creative arts. We curate and amplify US and transnational underrepresented perspectives in short film and digital storytelling, particularly emphasizing narratives from women, the LGBTQIA+ community, and socially conscious filmmaking.

In effect, our festival is a practice in feminist border arts – challenging the limits of conventional representation by showcasing stories from the margins that offer new ways of imagining and knowledge creation.

Committed to the principles of digital humanities, our festival both promotes a culture of critical engagement and societal awareness and offers a dynamic form of public scholarship where film and video are tools for inquiry and transformation. 

Our endeavor is to fortify our ability to fulfill these commitments, expand our reach, and make a significant, enduring impact on the intertwined worlds of academia, digital media arts & film, and social change.