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Sat 06/29 Screenings, Zine Fest, Speaker, & Workshop Schedule

Note: The schedule is still in process and some times. places, program titles, and film screenings are still subject to change. 

Speakers, Zine Fest, Workshop, and Screening Information

All speakeerss and screenings events will take place at the University Art Museum (UAM) in Devasthali Hall.

All speaker events will occur in the Bleachers. Films will be exhibited in three spaces: Bleachers, Zane Bennett Study Room (ZBSR), and the Fab Lab.

This is a festival with showtimes and film lengths listed. We encourage you to plan your viewing and move from space to space consciously and quietly. Please turn off your cell phones and do not talk on your phone during screenings.

Click and scroll through this page for times, locations, and information about films and events on June 29, 2024, from 9:00am to 6:00pm. 

Get your copy of the print version of the official festival program, available to all at the event, for content notee, supporting essays, profiles, and other features.

These film are not MPAA rated. Speakers and thier work will cover a range of topics connected to women's, gender, and LGBTQ+ experiences and studies. Viewer discretion is advised.

Note on Subtitles and Captions:

Films with English subtitles and English language captions are indicated. For other films, either they do not rely on language for understanding, or the filmmaker did not provide captions. We strive for accessibility and appreciate your understanding.

SAT 6/29  

SATURDAY 9:00AM - 10:50 AM 

SATURDAY 11:00AM - 12:50 PM 


SATURDAY 3:00PM - 6:00 PM 

SATURDAY 12:00PM-5:00PM 


Program 11: Creative Utterances

SAT 6/29 ZBSR 9:00AM-10:50AM 

Poster of abstract pursing running


Frost Martin


A woman cocooned in irritability emerges to discover sustenance. "Five Short Breaths" is an assemblage of improvised free-form movements and images that create portraits of anxious dreaming and the cyclical nature of becoming in femininity and womanhood.

Thalia, an old white woman, sit in front of a larger banner she made

SEW TO SAY (69 min)

Rakel Aguirre




Thalia Campbell, an artist and banner maker, joined a women-only peace camp in the early 80s to protest nuclear weapons through nonviolent action. In the summer of 1981, 36 women marched from Cardiff to Greenham Common to oppose the deployment of American Cruise missiles in the UK. Fearing nuclear war, they established a peace camp that became a women-organized space, drawing hundreds of thousands over two decades. Thalia, one of the original founders, shares the untold story of this historic feminist protest, reflecting on how collective action at Greenham Common changed lives and inspired generations. Sew to Say reveals the powerful legacy of the longest feminist protest in British history.

Program 12: Weird Sexy Shorts

SAT 6/29 FAB LAB 9:00AM-10:50AM  


Abstract overlay with a woman moving arms in the background

FOREST (4:04)

Lyn Goeringer, Rosely Conz


In this experimental dance-for-camera film, two beings, Goat and Hare, are forced to make a new life after everything changes.

Sanaa walking through Berlin


Jan Eilhardt


German with English Subs


For years, Sanaa has been working as a tour guide in the Berlin district of Wedding. But work alone doesn't satisfy her. Stubborn, looking for a date, and Trans, Sanaa's true passion lies with the men in the neighborhood, who she keeps on their toes.

Women dancers with close up on their hands holding "Mother of Thousands" plants


Lena Chen, Juliana Fadil-Luchkiw

USA, Germany


Inspired by ancient Babylonian harvest festivals, this 3-channel video documents a ritual at the Ishtar Gate in the Pergamon Museum. The performance engages with the movement to “rematriate” stolen cultural objects held in Western museums. Although the gate itself remains in Berlin, the intention is to symbolically return Ishtar to the gate. The performance delves into the historical repression of Ishtar as a powerful feminine figure and the marginalization of her queer and sex worker consorts.

The ritual features a procession through museum halls, offerings of music and dance, and the planting of the succulent "Mother of Thousands." Known for its prolific reproductive method, the plant produces tiny plantlets along the edges of its leaves that easily drop off and root themselves. By reanimating the Ishtar Gate, the video installation addresses Ishtar’s role as a tutelary deity to sex workers and rejects Western civilization’s claim over ancient Mesopotamian history. 

Abstract image in blue of humanoid bodies with faces, below the foreheads, with mouths as sex orgrans

WHAT IS SEX (9:00)

Luca Silver


English with Captions

A multimedia sex-ed video from a world where humans have corkscrew penises and corkscrew vaginas.

Hands tough a plant in the ground with writing over top

HALF-LIFE (4:00)

Laura Iancu


English Text 

Different worlds at different time scales. A video essay. 

Close up of young woman's face in darkness

HALF-LIGHT (13:25)

Lauren Jevnikar


English with Subs

Content Note: Sexual Situation


A couple debates having unprotected car sex late at night.

Close up of a woman's eye

HEIMISH (7:30)

Zoë Bayer


Swiss German with English Subs


In an empty tent camp, three campers are startled awake by barking dogs, strange voices, and the sudden blaze of a tent on fire. Investigating the commotion, they discover a group of hooded men illuminated by the flames. One of the campers calls the police, but soon, the three women find themselves on their own, without comfort, facing dangers and uncertainty in the night.

Outlines of a dog and ice


Anne Ciecko


English with Captions


Shaved Ice is a meditation on experiences that shape an academic life and gendered existence, and transform a winter landscape of ice sculptures.

Two teenage girls hanging out

WET GIRLS (7:45)

Jia Lin




Within the confines of an all-girls Catholic high school, two friends navigate the delicate balance between friendship and love as they find solace within their emerging identities.

Mats in a gym for a match


Jasmin Hagendorfer


English with Captions


"SLUGFEST" is a playful martial arts match that explores "inner-feminist struggles."

Program 13: Sporting Spirits - All Ages

SAT 6/29 ZBSR 11:00AM-11:50PM 


A cartoon grandma and grandchild


Isa Moreno


English, Spanish


Where a wheelchair-bound Mexican grandmother longs to return to her championship boxing career, her spunky granddaughter shows her that her champion dreams can continue digitally.

A teacher, young people, and a frisbee


Francine Strickwerda



In "Ultimate Citizens," Jamshid, an Iranian who came to study in 1970s America and never returned due to the Revolution, works as a guidance counselor in Seattle Public Schools. His best work happens outside the building, on the playing field with the children of refugees and immigrants. While their parents struggle to build a life in a new land, Mr. Jamshid, charismatic and fiery with a Frisbee in hand, shows that "love wins." Whether on the field, at home with family, or forging a new community, Jamshid proves that kindness and connection can transform lives, one child at a time.

Program 14: Revolutionary Transmissions

SAT 6/29 FAB LAB 11:00AM-12:50PM 

Image of an Important Character Seated

HADAYA: 2033 (5:58)

Alika Mteuzi




Major General Hadaya leads the Black and Indigenous Liberation Army (BILA) in a future uprising against an oppressive regime. Set in 2033, the film blends encrypted broadcasts, surveillance, and psychic extractions to depict the rebellion. The Liberation Army battles colonial domination, using undetectable transmissions to keep a disconnected community united, risking everything to stay ahead of detection

Images of women using and making media


Marusya Bociurkiw




This documentary traces the rise and fall of analogue feminist communications before the MeToo era. From Halifax to Vancouver, feminist storytellers of the 1970s to 90s used media technology to document issues from violence against women to reproductive health. Featuring icons like Studio D’s Bonnie Sherr Klein and Sylvia D. Hamilton, the film showcases feminist print collectives and rare archival footage, concluding with the resurgence of younger BIPOC feminists creating new digital networks.

Stylized images in mustard hues on hot pink of Mitchell and Irelands

Program 15: Dialogue - Feminisms & Media Arts Practices 

11:00AM-11:50AM Bleachers


Join celebrated media artists Allyson Mitchell and Perrin Ireland for an engaging conversation about their groundbreaking work. Mitchell, renowned for her queer feminist and activist installations, and Ireland, known for her creative feminist approaches to science communication through visual storytelling and visual essays, will delve into their creative processes, thematic inspirations, and the role of art in provoking thought and driving social change. Moderated by scholar-artist Dr. Julia Smith, this dialogue promises insights into the intersection of art, activism, and storytelling.


A composite of zine and comics works by each of the speakers including a cat, desert flowers, stylized skull, and an image of the self by one artist

Program 16: Panel - Memoir Comics and Zines 

12:00PM-12:50PM Bleachers


Join D.I.Y. comics artists Jillian Sandell, Jaimie Lee Peterson, Juan "Ricky" Araiza, and L. Anh Williams for an insightful discussion on the art of memoir comics and zines. Hear how personal stories are transformed into visual narratives, the creative processes involved, and the impact these mediums—comics and zines—have on both creators and audiences.


An "acid" influenced image of the Organ Mountains near Las Cruces, NM in green and red intense hues.

Program 17: Presentation - Borderlands Documentary Filmmaking 

1:00PM-1:50PM Bleachers

Dr. Julia Smith

“Outlaws, Apaches, and Brujas: OH MY! Revisionist Archetypes of the Old West in Orville Wanzer’s Acid Western, “The Devil’s Mistress (1965)”

The cult classic "The Devil's Mistress," a vampire "acid western" shot in the 1960s by NMSU professor Orville Wanzer, was filmed on a low budget in the southern New Mexico desert and is now a rediscovered favorite of the genre. It is the first feature made in Las Cruces, NM.

Smith is creating a documentary about the film, genre, Las Cruces, and Wanzer called Birth of the Acid Western. Smith describes the film as a revisionist anti-western that subverts traditional western narratives. It tells the story of four robbers who encounter the Devil and his mistress in an isolated cabin. After committing heinous acts, they face retribution through the mistress's occult schemes and sexual manipulation, restoring the Devil's domain in a tale of sexual sadism, colonial racism, and the perverse reimagining of white masculinity.

Program 18: Braving the Tides

SAT 6/29 FAB LAB 1:00PM-2:50PM 


Main character dressed in floral in front of plants

SOUL TIE (14:50)

Maegan La Trese Philmore




Trying not to let the pandemic lockdowns get a “brave b*tch” down, "Soul Tie" reflects on the Covid lockdown and the racist opportunism of the pandemic, while presenting a non-Hollywood romantic ending. Director Statement: "Soul Tie'' showcases Melrisa, a single, middle-aged, dark-skinned, plus-size, childfree, Afro Latina American with an Afro, because she needs to be SEEN.

Digital and abstract computer art of a purple sky

THE TRAJECTORY OF MELANCHOLIA (La Trayectoria de la Melancolía) (8:16)

Andrea Erre


Spanish with English Subs


The trajectory of melancholia is a conceptual audiovisual piece divided into five acts, each one representing the five stages of grief: denial, anger, sadness, negotiation and acceptance. A dreamlike dimension where fantasy and memories interweave to create a poetic story about the survival of domestic violence, forgiveness and the rebuilding of the soul.

Abstract sea image with women in the background


Emily Packer


English with Captions

This impressionist hybrid documentary traces the oyster through its many life cycles in New York, once the world’s oyster capital. Now, queer characters embody ancient myth, uncovering the overlooked history and biology of the bivalve that built the city. As environmentalists restore them to the harbor, the film views the oyster as a queer icon, entangled with nature, teaching us about survival.

Made with intersectional queer values and LGBTQIA+ collaborators, the film celebrates the oyster's environmental heroism from a queer perspective. It blurs the boundaries between documentary and fiction, ecology and economy, individual and community, and past, present, and future.

Graphic in orange for OutsmART Workshop

Program 19: OutsmART Workshop for Kids - Paper Zoetropes 

1:00PM-2:00PM ZBSR

In collaboration with the 2024 Feminist Border Film Festival, the UAM invites you to make your own moving picture. During the workshop, participants will learn about the history of early filmmaking and make a zoetrope. First invented in 1867, zoetropes are spinning cylinders used to create animations that are still used in films and storytelling today. Participants will follow a template guiding them to construct their own off-screen animation with paper, cardboard, and rubber bands.

Images of panelist and a nonbinary flag and still from film from other panelsits

Program 20: Panel - Media Arts Expression & Activism

2:00PM-2:50PM Bleachers



Join these creators for a panel discussion on the intersection of media arts expression and activism. Learn how they use their art to challenge norms, share powerful narratives, and advocate for social change. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from a range of voices and experiences in media arts, activism, and storytelling.


  • Priya Sircar - (Artist, Arts and Culture Officer with the City of Charlotte, North Carolina, former Director of Arts at the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, and participating FBA 2024 Filmmaker)
  • Brylee Middleton – NMSU G&SS Learner - "Beyond Binary" (Digital Storytelling)
  • Alex Fonnest – NMSU G&SS Recent Graduate and recipient of the Outstanding Senior Departmental Award, creator of "Memory" (Digital Storytelling)
  • Lisa Y. Mendez – Uno Foto Art – NMSU Art & G&SS Alum - (Zine Maker, Photographer, Collagist, and Public Artist)
  • Giovannie Espiritu – (Actor, Digital Storyteller, Author, and Participating FBA 2024 Filmmaker)


Click here to learn more about the Media Arts & Cultural Studies (MACS) course concentration and methodology in Gender & Sexuality Studies at NMSU, developed by Jonet and Williams in collaboration with Feminist Border Arts.

Program 21: Calls to Action Docs

Reception and Concluding Films

SAT 6/29 Bleachers, ZBSR, FAB LAB 3:00PM-6:00PM 



Join us in celebrating our speakers, zine makers, filmmakers, and more who are contributing to FBA's 2024 festival.

Stylized image of the White House, SC justices, and comedy folks

No One Asked You (104 min)


Ruth Leitman



Comedian, disruptor-extraordinaire Lizz Winstead (co-creator The Daily Show) and her team Abortion Access Front crisscross the U.S. to support abortion clinic staff and bust stigma. Pop culture icons and next-gen comics fuel this six-year road film activating small-town folks to rebuild vandalized clinics, exposing wrongdoer politicians, domestic terrorists, and media neglect as the race to the bottom ensues. A bold call to action reminds us that when the patriarchy burns down, joy will prevail.

Image of a woman, suggesting Mary Ellen Johnson-Davis, from behind

Missing From Fire Trail Road (101 min)


Sabrina Van Tassel (Director) and Deborah Parker (Tulalip/Yaqui/Apache) (Executive Producer)




The case of Mary Ellen Johnson-Davis, a Native-American woman who disappeared in 2020, exposing how hundreds of indigenous women continue to go missing in the US, perpetuating trans-generational trauma on Indian reservations. Deb Haaland, US Secretary of the Interior, appears in the documentary.

In November 2020, Johnson-Davis was walking along Fire Trail Road on the north end of the Tulalip Reservation when she texted a friend she was “almost to the church.”

She’s been missing since.

The film is supported by Lily Gladstone, the Golden Globe-winning actor known for her role in Killers of the Flower Moon. Early in Gladstone's career, she portrayed MFFTR Executive Producer, Deborah Parker, in the documentary theater piece "Silver of a Full Moon."

Zine Fest


  • Feminist Border Arts Zine Fest: 12:00PM-5:00PM 
  • Zine exhibitor Set Up: 11:00AM-11:50